House breaking made easy

House training a dog not to eliminate in the house is one of the most common issues that dog owners have with their pets. Properly training a dog to eliminate outdoors can be a test of patience, but with these tips we hope to make the process easier. Please know that puppies can only hold urine for about 1 hour for every month they are old. So, a 4 month old puppy can only hold it for a maximum of 4 hours.
Consistent feeding times: It is imperative to fee your dog at the exact same times everyday. Feeding on a consistent schedule will make elimination consistent too. Do    not free feed your dog, put the food down for 15 minutes and then promptly take the food away until the next feeding.
Lots of potty breaks: It is imperative to give your dog the chance to build a habit of eliminating outside. Taking a dog out often is necessary to build a strong routine. Take your dog out after feeding, playtime or sleeping. I typically suggest to our clients to take dogs out every hour until you have established a schedule. Eventually, your dog will begin to give owners a sign that they have to go out. Typical signs are pacing, sniffing or rooting around.
Crating: Many people that I  meet do not understand the importance of crate training  a dog. I am a strong believer that dogs should be crate trained starting on day one in your home. Dogs that are crate trained do not have to live their lives in a crate. The crate is merely a tool to protect your dog from dangers in your home. Of course, the crate also protects your home from your dog too!  I tend to crate dogs at night and whenever I cannot actively watch the dog. Dogs typically will not soil the crate if given the chance to eliminate elsewhere, so as soon as I take the dog out of the crate they go outside. If they do not eliminate, I put them back in the crate for 15-30 minutes. Then back outside. I follow this pattern until the dog eliminates. Once the dog eliminates outside, I give the dog some playtime.
I truly hope this helps to dispel some of the mystery to house training your new dog!